Byzance Action Horses

Byzance Action Horses

Te Puke 3186  -  New Zealand

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Byzance Action Horses

The Beginning


ByzanceActionHorses is a new exiting breeding venture and stud managed by Anne Marie Garcia. Originally known as Byzance Arabians founded in 2004, the new breeding direction has seen the need for a new name.

Situated in the sunny Bay of Plenty in New Zealand near Te Puke, Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane,  the stud is nestled on  70  hectares  farm of green pasture in the Pongakawa valley surrounded by Rotoehu forest.

We breed selectively to a limited number of quality mares for foals that exhibit good conformation, type, temperament and trainability. Young stock available for inspection and sale will suit the most discerning of purchasers.

We aim to breed a horse with size, good bone and stamina, pretty but still practical, suitable for show, pleasure, endurance and performance, a horse which can compete and win in a wide range of disciplines.

We have carefully selected a small group of purebred Arabian mares for their quality, type and bloodlines to breed tall palomino and buckskin partbred Arabs for the show ring and endurance. Crossing these mares with an American Saddlebred will produce the famous National Show Horse, a stunning horse with the best of both breeds.

A horse with size, substance and plenty of stamina

A moving machine

We have chosen or bred well conformed saddle horses of warmblood breeding and National Show Horses to produce the new performance horse of the century with the added bonus of palomino and buckskin colours. Following the Dutch Warmblood breeding programme and now adopted in the USA, we have included the American Saddlebred in both Arabian and Warmblood breeding as American Saddlebreds will contribute to produce the

Ultimate Sporthorse for elegance and versatility.

Future purchases of Arabians, Warmbloods and American Saddlebreds will constitute the foundation of ByzanceActionHorses stud breeding strategy.